calen moore 

Project creator-screenwriter-Producer-co-director

The main creative force behind the conceptual framework that

Re-Acclimation the series envisions, Actor-writer-director, Calen Moore transitions into the directors chair to offer a post-apocalyptic, cyber-punk themed landscape in the not-so distant future.

IMDB - Calen Moore -

CEO edge-ecletic films/Racked focus films


robert madrid

Robert Madrids extensive filmmaking career speaks volumes. Literally.  Adept at many positions in front and behind the camera, Madrids' excellence speaks for itself given the extensive body of work that he has been offered during his thirty year tenure in the entertainment industry.
Having studied at the prestigious Sanford Meisner School of Acting and
 been contracted to direct many films and music videos abroad, he lends a highly regarded perspective to the process of filmmaking. His attention to detail, flawless business acumen, and well rounded skillset has attracted many investment entities and landed him in more than 50  television credits working along side  such notable actors as David Carradine,Michael York, Cary Tagawa, Kristianna Loken, Robert Davi, Will Ferrel, and Dean Cain to name a few.
A solid piece on the chess table and definitive class act, Madrid lends real value to the Reacclimation Project.
IMDB -Robert Madrid

c.s. chandler

Director of Photography-Co-Director-Staff writer

C.S. Chandlers’ talents in the realm of filmmaking run the gamut. A triple threat, Chandler, in twelve years in the business, has honed his skills enough to become a highly sought-after DP and overall jack-of-all trades regarding film production.

A film professor at ASU, his production company, Iron Road Productions stands as a testament to his passion derived from the craft he so meticulously orchestrates as the blueprint of his adherence to excellence. His experience working along such notable actors from Dean Cain to Malcolm McDowell speak to the professionalism he continues to maintain. A definite asset, Chandler lends a hand in many capacities to the sci-fi revelation that is Reacclimation.


IMDB-Chris Chandler-IronRoad Productions


yez pinedo De santiago

Entertainment Liason-Associate Producer-Social Media Manager-Project Liason

A consummate professional, Ms. Pinedo's skillset is wide and ranging within the entertainment industry.  Twenty plus years has afforded her the business acumen and knowledge required to navigate within the multi-faceted constellation of all things Hollywood. Her knack for structure, organization and clear communication has created an indelible mark for many industry professionals that hold her in high regard given her immaculate  consideration for detail and commensurate credentials. Ms. Pinedo's industry connections bring invaluable considerations to the Reacclimation project.

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jorge Oxte

Post-production Editor

Videographer and post-productionist, Jorge Oxte lends his specialized talents to EdgeEclectics’ debut post apocalyptic sci-fi drama, ReAcclimation:Harbinger. His expertise and outside-the-box vision compliments the directors production needs and gives the series a worthy competitive bid in the surreal world of CGI related productions. Highly skilled at Adobe After-Effects, and many other CGI interface related software, Mr. Oxte is a welcome addition to the production cast that vies to make an indelible statement with this upcoming series debut.

Kai Holmes

project liason

A native of the music industry, Mr. Holmes adds intrinsic value to the Reacclimation project. His business acumen along with an unyeilding street savvy, compliments his already remarkable skill-set in the realm of contractual business, sound production and foley.  A virtual jack of all trades when it comes to entertainment, Holmes becomes the real deal when the deal is on the table providing the knowledge neccesary for the gears in any engine to run smoothly. As the gears of the Reacclimaaation project have come to pass, the mechanic is in the house.


Marlon Giles

carew ross

Business Consultant
A solid business consultant and entrepreneur with the expertise  and knowledge needed to navigate the business world, Mr. Ross adds intrinsic value  to the Reacclimation Project. Savvy in the ways of building businesses and corporate networking his addition is greatly valued as the steward towards investment entities capable of making  the Reacclimation Project a definite reality.


IT-Web Development

Special thanks to the Upscale_IT team for making ReacclimationNation an interactive  reality.

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Brian Martin

technical advisor-IT Security

creative consultant

Not far from its' conception, Giles has played a key role in the attachment of historical elements and plot devices the series reacclimation will develop upon as the series progresses. An avid sci-fi fan, content creator and WKFI afficianado, Giles serves as both  creative consultant and fact-checking historian that provides the series what it needs to accommodate viewers suspension of disbelief just enough to keep this entertainment at its surreal finest, while still giving clues to the future by examination of our past.